Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Food Issues & Addictions

27 Days to a Healthy Body Image: Day 14

Hi.  My name is Erica.  I am a food addict.  Hello Erica, you say.  Yes this is my Food Addict Anonymous Post.  If you have been reading for a while you know my addiction well.  Not just any food will do.  I need the good stuff-- and a lot of it.  I have modified recipes and used different techniques for minimizing scarfing, but here I am again facing my demon.  I have to learn to control the addiction.

My goal for this week is to post different techniques used to change attitudes and habits.  Maybe together we can find something that will help.  I know when my addiction is under control, I feel better about my body and myself.  Is my food addiction getting in the way of a positive body image?  Probably.  Let's work on that.

A year ago I posted about Fixing Food addictions (read more about that here).  I wanted to change a bad habit.  My worst habit: eating on the go.  So I tried to make sure that anytime anything went into my mouth, I was sitting down, enjoying the food.  Yeah, I have let that habit go.  But the jist of is was important.  Eat with intention.

I see it at workouts, I see it in my kids school work.  When we just go through the motions, we don't get much out of it.  You want a real workout, then work.  Make each movement count.  You want good grades; focus on the work.  Gillain says, "don't phone this in!"  Make your work actually count for something.

Can I eat with intention?  Can I eat with a purpose and a focus (besides gluttony)?  What if we looked at food as "nutrition," an essential part of caring for our bodies.  Over-watering and over-fertilizing kills plants; "over-fooding" kills people.  Can I eat just enough to feed my body, and feed it well?

Today, think before you eat.  Is this good for my body?  Will my body function better for having put this in my mouth?  Does this supply adequate nutrition?  Judge your food by this standard, then allow yourself to enjoy it!

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  1. ...Wait, I have to finish the pudding before I type... I am a sugar addict. I've had an especially hard time being intentional about my eating since me mum passed. Gotta get better about that. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Well said, thanks for putting things into perspective :)