Thursday, October 25, 2012

Positive Thoughts

27 Days to a Healthy Body Image: Day 22

Wanna know a secret?  Hidden inside my sweet and charming exterior hides a woman with some serious attitude problems.   No, really.  Maybe that is why I love P!nk - eccentric, random, off the wall attitude-- her own person.  Someone who is true to herself and her dreams, despite the critics.
Pink's song "Perfect" (edited please!)  has become a mantra for me:

You're so mean, When you talk, 
About yourself, You are wrong.  
Change the voices, In your head 
Make them like you Instead.
So complicated, Look happy, You'll make it!   
Filled with so much hatred  
Such a tired game. 
It's enough, I've done all I can think of  
Chased down all my demons, I've seen you do the same.

Oh, Pretty, pretty please  
Don't you ever, ever feel  
Like your less than [less than] perfect.
Pretty, pretty please  
If you ever, ever feel  
Like your nothing  
You [are] perfect to me!
 I've been working on "changing  the voices in my head."  Sometimes it seems like I am surrounded by critics-- all demanding who I should be, what I should look like, what I should or shouldn't wear, how I should behave.  My worst critic is myself.  HOW UNFAIR!   "Why do we do that?"

The critic gets a new phrase today!  It came from my husband (bless his heart!)  We were discussing the "hottie" in a film and laughing about girls (me) checking out the buff guy and  guys (him) stealing a glance at the "stacked" female.

He said, "Don't  you know you turn heads?  Even if we weren't married you would turn my head."   I replied, "So what, I'm eye candy?"   "YES!"  I took a few moments to sink in.  I am eye candy.  I am beautiful. (I sure got a good man!)

I am good enough, smart enough and DangIt; PEOPLE LIKE ME! (usually)

Today, ask someone you care about to tell you what they admire in you,   Allow them reaffirm that you really are beautiful.  Then BELIEVE IT!

Here's a bonus video for fun.... A group of young men "sang" this song to show their girl- friends (not girlfriends)  that they really ARE beautiful!

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