27 Days to a Healty Body Image

Week One:  The Mental Game
Day 1: 27 Days to a Healthy Body
Day 2: Cleaning Out the Closet
Day 3: The Great Purge
Day 4: A New Mantra
Day 5: Fixing a Trouble Spot (Abs)
Day 6:Pucker Up Ladies

Week Two: The Physical Component
Day 7: Hawaiian Popped Corn
Day 8: Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
Day 9: Laugh, Smile, Sweat : Zumba Style
Day 10: Finding a "Fit" : Anita's Experience
Day 11: Finding Something to Love  
Day 12: On The Flip Side

Week Three: Facing Food (And Other Addictions)
Day 13: Greek Style Potatoes
Day 14: Food Issues & Addictions
Day 15: Enjoying Enough 
Day 16: Recognition (Finally) 
Day 17: Set Backs and Momentum 
Day 18: Body Image Resources

Week Four: Filling the Void
Day 19: Baked Apples
Day 20: Filling the Void with Trust   
Day 21: Workout Wednesday-- Wall Sit Inferno
Day 22: Positive Thoughts 
Day 23: Doing Your Best 

Week 5: Your Happily Ever After
Day 24: Harvest Chicken Wrap
Day 25: Filling Up At The True Source
Day 26: Push It (Wednesday Workout)
Day 27: Your Happily Ever After

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