Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas No-Break Work Out # 3-- Treadmill Nirvana

Only have 10 minutes to spare for the treadmill/elliptical?  Here is a workout designed to burn the calories, pump the adrenaline and help you feel good all over.

Treadmill Nirvana

Warm up (1 minute)
Run as hard as you can (1 minute)
Jog (30 seconds)
Run as hard as you can (1 minute)
Jog (30 seconds)
Run as hard as you can (1 minute)
Jog (30 seconds)
Run as hard as you can (1 minute)
Jog (30 seconds)
Run as hard as you can (1 minute 30 seconds... Come on MAX OUT!!!!)
Jog (30 seconds)
Cool Down (1 minute)

Now you can get back to your day knowing that you have done your body some good.
Happy Work Out!

Christmas No-Break Work Out #2 - Push Up Pull Throughs

I hope you have had a Merry Christmas!!!  Boy did life get interesting.  Cousins in town, last minute shopping, kids throwing up.  Isn't life great!

Now it is time to get back to work!  Today's workout focuses on arms and abs paired with aerobic intervals to maximize results in minimal time.  Want to try it?
You will need 2 chairs placed about 1 foot apart and clearance on each side.

Today's Set:
3 Push Up Pull Throughs,
30 Jumping Jacks, 
5 seconds rest
Repeat 5 times

Never done a Push Up Pull Throughs?  Here's How:

That is one Pull Through.  Have a happy Work Out!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas No-Break Workout # 1

Holy schnikes!!! My week got crazy busy just in the last few days.  So here is (FINALLY) your first workout out.  My work out buddy Mandy recommended this awesome workout featured on the Dr. Oz show.


Shaun T Workout

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas No-Break

Today is the first of day of my kid's Christmas Break.  Why do we call it Christmas Break?  During the two weeks of vacation there is no break from fun festive activities, noise, yummy treats, chaotic children, errands to run and general celebration.

Well maybe we take a break from exercising when we travel to granny's house.  But of all times of the year, when we (I) indulge almost daily in neighbor treats this is the WORST TIME to take a break from your exercise routine.  How can we fix the problem?

Over the next two weeks I will post daily (5 days a week) a 10 minute workout set for you to do wherever you are whenever you have 10 minutes to spare!  Think of it as my gift to you this holiday season.

Photo Credit Steve Wall

Check in later today for your first Christmas-No-Break workout!