Friday, October 19, 2012

Set Backs and Momentum

27 Days to a Healthy Body Image: Day 17

I have come so far in my journey to a healthy body image; getting over hang-ups and hurt feelings; learning to appreciate my body; being aware and intentional in my actions.  Except today...  I had a minor binge.  I hope I'm not alone in having success and set backs.

I am a football junkie,  and I love football analogies.  In honor of tomorrow's gird iron battle, here is my analogy (GO COUGARS!)

Rise & Shout! The cougars are out!
Picture this.  It is kick off time.. One team (call them Notre Dame) kicks off to the other team (call them Cougars).  The cougar kick-off returner looks to the sky, takes hold of the ball and begins to move forward down the field.  His fellow teammates block the opposing players, but one slips through the block heading straight for him.  He steps back, plants his foot and takes off in the opposite direction, avoids tackles and moves the ball downfield.

That step back allowed the ball handeler to see the obstacles around him, and push off with momentum in the direction that will lead to the most success.

Set (step) backs aren't all bad.  Our mistakes give us a chance to evaluate what we are doing and if it is working.   We can see what tripped us up and how we can anticipate and overcome obstacles.

Today, allow a set back to be a momentum builder!

Photo Credit: Craig Hall 

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