Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Your Happily Ever After

Photo By Scott Smith
27 Days to a Healthy Body Image: Day 27

I love princesses in fairy tale stories.  Their stories follow a theme of facing challenges and gaining a realization of who they really are and what they are really worth. They then can face the future with the optimistic assurance that they will live happily ever after.

Cinderella recognized her worth was not determined by the continual criticism of her family.  She remembered the love of a father and developed loving relationships.  She persevered; she worked to realize her dreams.  She lived happily well before the concluding "and they lived happily ever after" ever happened.

Learning to love yourself and others is a challenge fit for a princess.  Our world is filled with voices that would tell us to tear ourselves down, value false ideals of beauty, and live in misery always wanting and never loving and appreciating.

I know better now.  I can empty from my closets the boxes filled with hurt and disappointment.  I can forgive myself and others.  I can recognize real physical beauty in myself.  I can change my thoughts and actions.  I can treat my body with respect and care, feeding it and exercising it with intention, love and trust. I can eliminate negative voices and fill myself with positive thoughts and love from my Savior and those around me.

I am a princess!  I can learn lessons, face challenges, remember my worth,
and Live Happily Ever After Everyday!

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