Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Filling the Void With: TRUST

27 Days to a Healthy Body: Day 20

Don't you love babies.  They seem to know what they want and how to get it.   A simple cry and they get food, love, attention, diaper change or a nap.  They know when they are hungry; when they want more to eat; what actually tastes good; and when they are done they generally stop eating.  Everybody praises a baby with cute little rolls on the legs and all those adorable little chins.  And they grow out of the rolls and wrinkles-- the stored fat helps them during critical growth spurts.  Babies are born with an intuitive ability to get "enough".

Adults on the other hand, may need to be reminded to eat, or reminded to stop eating.  We may feel we must eat what is on our plate whether or not we are full.  We may be held captive by the need to not waste any food or the idea that if we don't eat it (a cookie perhaps) today it won't be available tomorrow.  We may feel like we can never indulge or if we do we can never stop.  We give ourselves artificial limits and rules and regulations to structure and control ourselves.  Where have we gone wrong.

When you cleaned out your closet maybe you faced a couple of these falacies.  Our cultural upbringing has taught us not to TRUST.  Ourselves, the food, others who may take our food, our abilities,  our stomaches.  You name it; we don't Trust it!

Can we turn back the clock.  Can we replace the doubt with trust?  Yes!  Open up that box of food issues.  Forgive. Let go the hurt and the regret.  Let it go-- it isn't helping you.  Release the hurt and free yourself.  If you have already done this, GREAT!!!

Now replace the icky hurt with something good.  Believe! Trust! Hope!  Believe that you can learn to recognize when you are full.  Trust that you can recognize what nutrition  your body needs.  Believe that you can ask for the love and help you need from your trusted friends.  Hope that the cookie will be waiting for you tomorrow if you want it then.  (If it is not, I'll make you some!)

Believe that you are Beautiful, Wonderful and Terrific.

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