Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Workout Wednesday- Wall Sit Inferno!

27 Days to a Healthy Body Image: Day 21

Here's some inspiration to help you want to workout this week.  (This workout might not be for you-- move anyway!)

As a child, a next door neighbor showed us this torture that his P.E. teachers at the private school made him do.  He had to sit with his back against a wall with no chair under him.  We all tried it.  Crazy Mean Gym Teacher award went to his teacher.

Wall Sits are really good for your qauads, legs, bum and a whole host of other muscle groups it you do them right.  If you do them wrong you can hurt your body.  So, listen closely.  If  you knees hurt at anytime while doing this exercise.  STOP!  Have a friend check your form.  Get back on the wagon.  Don't give up-- learn to do them correctly and you will have inferno "hot" legs!

For a Crazy Challenge.  Do all 5 exercises back to back to back!  One minute for each exercise gives you 5 minutes of Burn!

Basic Wall Sit
Stand with your feet shoulder width and about two feet away from a wall.  Lean against the wall.  Lower yourself down until your thighs are parallel to the floor.  Keep your weight in your heels (you should be able to wiggle your toes), and your back pressed into the wall.  Hold the pose (30 seconds, 1 minute-- however long you can-- Advanced 2 minute minimum).  When you feel like you can't hold it any longer, tap  your toes 20 times.

 Wall Sit with Militairies

Assume your best wall sit position (legs at 90 degrees, back pressed into the wall, core engaged).  Hold medium to heavy weights at ear level (no resting those weights on the shoulders!)  Press both weights overhead while squeezing your shoulder blades together.  Slowly bring the weights back to ear level.  How many can you do?

Wall Sit with Bicep Curls and Oblique Crunches

Sit at the ready with one heavy weight held in your right hand.  While maintaining good form (see above), lower the weight until it almost touches the floor.  Crunch those obliques.  Focus on the bicep muscles to pull the weight back up.  Transfer weight to the other hand.  Repeat movement.

One Leg wall Sit with Crunches

Thanks Adrienne for this truly insane element.  Get comfey in that wall sit, but place one foot over the knee of the other leg.  Yes one leg is doing all the work now!  (Remember core engaged, back against the wall weight in your heel!!!!!)  Hold a medium weight extended in your hand over your head (working leg and arm are on the same side).  Bring the weight down and touch it to the opposite knee.  Feel the burn in your abs along with that leg!

Modified Wall Sit

If you have had problems with your back or knees try this variation with a yoga ball.  Place the ball against the wall.  Rest your back on the ball.  With feet shoulder width apart, lower down into a squat.  If your knees are going over your toes, take your feet further away from the wall.  Make sure the weight is in your heels, core is engaged, back is pressed into the ball.  Feel the burn Baby!

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  1. My sister is buff! Go Erica!! This is awesome :)