Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Laugh, Smile, Sweat : Zumba Style

27 Days to a Healthy Body Image Day 9

If you know me and have been to a public place with me, you have probably been embarrassed by my dancing "moves" at least once.  (My husband has informed me that a public place is not a necessary condition for embarrassment to occur.)  But I dance anyway.

Now you can join me:)  Here are some of the very best of our A.F. East Exercise class "Zumba" dances.  Have fun with them!

Laugh; Smile; Sweat!

When you want to let off a little steam: Prrrum
When you need to remember that you are beautiful: Sexy And I Know it

When you need to laugh at yourself: Gangnam Style

 Need more fun?  More workouts can be found

These ladies in the video are TOUGH.  We filmed after a full hour's workout! Thanks a ton Sonya, Chalice, Becky, Adrienne, Allison, & Carol!!!

(The video quality is a little off right now. We will be fixing that:)

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