Thursday, October 18, 2012

Recognition (FINALLY!)

27 Days to a Healthy Body Image: Day  16

I am all about recognition.  I love being praised, complimented, adored and otherwise put on a pedestal. So it ticks me off that cute, not as athletic, gifted with the pre-historic "must conserve calories as fat" genes people like me don't get recognition or praise for athletic or other crazy hard accomplishments.

This frustration came to a head a couple years ago when I went in to my favorite locally owned sporting goods store.  I was stocking up on portable nutrition for an upcoming "long run." (Training for a marathon... long was 20 miles that day-- now long is 5.)  I grabbed the requisite varieties of Gu and shot blocks.  The owner asked how long my run would be on Saturday.  I replied with  "oh, about 6 hours." (yes I know I run really slowly!!)   The owner (a prize winning marathoner) was shocked. "I have never even run 4 hours let alone 6," he replied.  I guess that is a minor victory.

The Olympic Dream: Ultimate Recognition
Unlike that store owner, I won't ever win a sprint or marathon.  I won't ever be on the podium accepting a medal for a win (let alone an Olympic gold.)  But I have worked my tail off!  Where is MY recognition?

It seems to me that the people who work the hardest, train the longest to earn last place (yes I have finished last in a race too), get shafted!  What about all those people who work for years just to loose 20 lbs?   And those people who have to fight tooth and nail against their genes to even learn to run?  What about those people recovering from major injuries/illnesses and still TRY?  And those people who are fighting demons in their past, trying to conquer and be the best they can be?!?

The injustice stops HERE!  I am pleased to announce my first "Tri-Harder-Ship" (think scholarship, but for people who are trying harder).  I am choosing to award a small prize to YOU (randomly selected person) for trying harder, facing demons, fighting genetic programming, and generally living better!

Sorme Shimmer Glow Rosy

And what is said prize? Sorme Summer Glow powder.  I love this stuff!  It adds a little bit of shimmer and reflects light;  I use it to emphasize the definition in my biceps, my my face look more narrow and to feel more radiant and beautiful. (Item pictured is the rosy shade.  Item shipped may vary and will  be a neutral shade suited to all color pallets)

What, pray tell, must you do to merit said prize?  Why Tri-Harder of course.  Between now and next Friday use two (2) techniques -- ones I have blogged about, or ones you have thought of-- to help you develop a healthier body image.  Be sure to count the techniques you have already tried!   Report your success/attempt/failure/trying here.  Reports (3 paragraph maximum-- I'm not a teacher)  are due by Thursday, October 26 midnight.  A winner will be selected at random by placing names in a hat.  Friday I will announce the big winner and we'll celebrate everyone's "trying."   

fine print:  Many may enter (I can hope), only one (1) will win this random lottery.  No purchase necessary. Offer void where prohibited by law.   I will keep my eyes out for other prizes and fun for the future.  I love fine print.

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