Tuesday, October 2, 2012

27 Days to A Healthy Body Image

I had a freak out moment last week.  I stood on the scale and the numbers were 5 pounds different than the week before!  It wasn't a good moment.  Had I eaten too much, not exercised enough, drank too much, not slept enough!?!

I frantically called my friend and vented/cried/vowed to never eat sweets again until the magic number reappeared.  I felt guilty and mad and sad and upset all day.

HOW STUPID!!!  Why should a metallic measuring instrument determine my happiness quotient?  Why does a number determine my eating habits, my exercise routine and the way I treat my children.  More importantly, Why do I let it?

The answer: I haven't learned to truly love my body yet.  I don't understand that my beauty, goodness and worth DON'T have anything to do with my outside appearance.  I haven't learned that the way I treat my body is a reflection of my love for ME-- the real me that I am not quite sure I am ready for everyone to see.  The real me that is insecure and unsure.

This month I am letting that ME come out of the closet to experience life.  I want to learn that I really am LOVED.  That I really AM BEAUTIFUL.  That I am of WORTH.  And that I DESERVE to treat myself well, and not PUNISH myself for caloric misdeeds.  I am coming out and coming to myself.

I have linked up with  the Nester  and will write each day in October-- filling you in on my journey to loving my body.  I'll have recipes to share, exercises that push me to become stronger and moments of emotional and mental growth.  Will you join me?  Will you change your body image with me this month?

27 Days to a Healthy Body Image

Week One:  The Mental Game
Day 2: Cleaning Out The Closet
Day 3: The Great Purge
Day 4: A New Mantra
Day 5: Fixing a Trouble Spot (abs) 
Day 6:Pucker Up Ladies

Week Two: The Physical Component
Day 7: Hawaiian Popped Corn
Day 8: Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
Day 9: Laugh, Smile, Sweat : Zumba Style
Day 10: Finding a Fit : Anita's Experience
Day 11: Finding Something to Love
Day 12: On The Flip Side

Week Three: Facing Food (And Other Addictions)
Day 13: Greek Style Potatoes
Day 14: Food Issues & Addictions
Day 15: Enjoying Enough 
Day 16: Recognition (Finally) 
Day 17: Set Backs and Momentum  
Day 18: Body Image Resources 

Week Four: Filling the Void
Day 19: Baked Apples 
Day 20: Filling the Void with Trust
Day 21: Workout Wednesday- Wall Sit Inferno
Day 22: Positive Thoughts 
Day 23: Doing Your Best 

Week Five: Happily Ever After
Day 24: Harvest Chicken Wrap
Day 25: Filling Up At the True Source
Day 26: Push It (Workout Wednesday)
Day 27: Your Happily Ever After

The glorious picture of a woman embracing the light of the day is from bulstablog.wordpress.com


  1. You rock! I'll join you - just don't ask me to sweat. :-)

  2. well written!

    here from nester's loooooooong list of 31 dayers :)

    patty@ findingserendipity.com