Thursday, October 11, 2012

Finding Something to Love

 27 Days to a Healthy Body Image: Day 11

I generally hate having pictures taken of me.  I never look as good as I think I ought to.  Tummy pouching, hair bushy, sweat glare.  Never perfect.  But parts are good.  There are always goods and bads.

My Mom has amazing legs and trim ankles.  I inherited those from her.  My aunts are well endowed in the bust area.  I inherited the genes for that.  I also inherited a thicker waist and bad eyesight (I won't name names here.)  I am a product of the genes I have inherited and my life choices.

One of the 100 pics (heavily cropped)
I can control my life choices, but not my genetic inheritance.  So why not embrace it.  Can I find small pieces of my body that are flat out gorgeous?  YES!!!  We all can.

Last year, I dressed up and had a girlfriend take about 100 pictures of me-- I figured that out of 100  at least one or two would be decent.  A couple were.  I cropped out the tummy roll, softened the features and played with the color settings and suddenly I saw myself as beautiful.  It wasn't the edits -- it was  eliminating the extraneous details that bugged me that allowed me to see the beauty that was already there.

Are you willing to try it.  Pull a couple pictures of you that are decent or take a few more.  Edit it. Crop it down to one feature you love.  Recognize your true beauty.

Here are some great tips for gorgeous picture taking.
(I used the basic editing features on picasaweb)

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