Friday, October 5, 2012

A New Mantra

Closet empty (er) ?
Ready to fill it with good things? "Harness.. Energy... Block... Bad"

Happy Glilmore, anyone?  Happy is feeling the pressure at his first tournament and receives this advice from a fellow pro golfer...

"You've got to harness in the good energy, block out the bad. Harness... energy... block... bad. Feel the flow, feel it."

Ready to harness the good energy?  I love the Neuro-Associative Conditioning technique.

I first heard of this technique when I was in college.  I had the most adorable roommate-- well a couple of them, and Ann Margaret had a collection of Tony Robbins motivational tapes we would huddle around a tape player in our small dorm room and listen and learn in the evenings.

Ann and I were in a diving class and we (I) was super nervous about certain dives.  I would psych myself out.  Tony Robbins talked about creating a body movement that would harness energy and induce a feeling of confidence each time you did it.  We chose a simple fist pump.

For a week every time we were excited and enthusiastic we would do a fist pump.  Let me tell you how often we could fist pump.  A cute boy talked to us.  Fist pump.  Girlfriend complimented me on a dress.  Fist pump.  Nailed a dive.  Fist pump.  Good score on a test.  Fist pump.  Every time anything fun or good happened.  Fist pump.

The next week, I began fist pumping right before a dive and was met with a rush of energy and confidence.  Bring it on!  We used this technique for a full year.  Later in ROTC Ranger Challenge Training (I know I did a ton of crazy thing is college), Ann and I would fist pump before a long ruck run or an arms dis-assembly test.  We ROCKED the world.  Our confidence was sky high.

What is awesome about this technique is you can use it in many ways.  One of my exercise friends used a similar technique with Hypnobabies.  During her second pregnancy, she chose pressure points to rub.  Everytime she rubbed them, she thought positive and relaxing thoughts.  Using the relaxation points she created, birth was much easier than the first.
Fist Pump When Something Good Happens

We can do this too!  What simple movement can you add into your lifestyle to help?  A fist pump for confidence?  A pressure point for relaxation.  A phrase to repeat?

Homework:  This weekend whenever you have the feeling you want, do that action.  Train your body and mind to work for you!


Tomorrow: Fixing a Trouble Spot (ABS)
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