Sunday, October 21, 2012

Body Image Resources

27 Days to a Healthy Body Image: Day 18

As I have thought about my own food issues, I have found some great resources online.

I adore the fat nutritionist;  her site teaches about some of our common misconceptions about eating and some of the problems we have with eating because of a dieting culture.

I thought the concept of intuitive eating was brilliant. (And the book about it was co-authored by my favorite "Healthy Home-style Desserts" cookbook author Evelyn Tribole)  We can eat and enjoy and be happy  AND HEALTHY!!!

I also enjoyed the encouragement and hope found in the Healthy at Every Size (HAES).  National Geographic has a Fantastic article about the reasearch behind HAES. The results from this study took my breath away:

"What I find even more interesting is that research supports that people actually absorb more nutrients from meals that appeal to them than from meals they find less appetizing.

“In one interesting study, researchers fed a traditional Thai meal of rice and vegetables spiked with chili paste, fish sauce, and coconut cream to two groups of women, one Swedish and one Thai. The Thai women, who presumably liked the meal better than the Swedish women, absorbed 50 percent more iron from the same food than the Swedish women. And when the meal was blended together and turned to an unfamiliar and unpalatable paste, the Thai women’s absorption of iron from the meal decreased by 70 percent! So choking down the plate of steamed broccoli (if you hate steamed broccoli) is not likely to do you as much good as you think. Enjoying your food is an important nutritional practice."

Today, check out one or more of these articles and get a different perspective

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