Thursday, November 29, 2012

Push Up Inferno -- Wednesday Workout

I might be a day late (Wednesday Workout on Thursday?) and a dollar short, but this set of push ups is no joke.  I have featured push ups on this blog before.  I keep revisiting them because they are such a good way to work the back, abs, arms and shoulders all at the same time.  Before you begin this set you might want to review how to do a single push up with good form and check with your doctor or psychologist.

When you are ready for a challenge do 10 repetitions of each push up 3 times.  Feel The Burn!

Elevated Push Ups
Place your toes on the edge of a chair.  Extend into push up position with your core engaged, shoulders squeezed together and pushed down your back.  Don't let your back sag.  Lower down and come up. 

Squat Push Ups
These beauties work not only your arms, shoulders and core, but add in glute and quad work too.   Begin in a good squat position:  feet shoulder width apart, toes forward, weight in the heels, glute pushed back, chest lifted.

Lower your arms toward the floor.  Allow your body to fall forward.  Resting your weight in your into your toes and your arms.  Maintain the squat as much as possible.

Lower down.  On the up, push with extra force to propel yourself to the starting squat position.


Jack Push Ups
In every work out you need some cardio.  Here is your cardio set.

Begin in a basic push up position.  (I'll repeat it again: bum tucked under, weight in the toes, core engaged, shoulders squeezed together and pushed down your back.)

As you lower down, jump your feet out to shoulder width apart.  As you come up jump the feet back to the starting position.

Crazy Elevated Push Ups
We all need maintain a healthy level of insanity in our lives right?  This set will push you to  your limits.  It is ok to max out here!!!!

Place your feet on a wall and support your body's weight by tucking your bum under, engaging your core, making sure your shoulder blades are squeezed tight and not shrugged up!!!!  (this is essential for this push up.  No INJURIES HERE!! LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!)

Be sure your arms are directly beneath the shoulders; have your workout partner check.  Lower down. Pause for a picture then come up.  (you'll want your awesomeness documented!)

Did you survive 3 sets of 10?  I didn't!  Need more crazy push ups?  Check out Spider Climbers

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  1. You are crazy, girl! I'm exhausted just looking at the pictures!