Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spider Climbers & Leap Frog Planks

Yes, I know I am crazy.  I lie awake at night thinking of "fun" new ways to torture, I mean strengthen, my body.  Last night was one of those nights.  Behold the work of a sleep deprived, overactive imagination:

Spider Climbers & Leap Frog Planks

Maybe you've done Mountain Climbers.  And maybe you've done your fair share of Spider Push Ups.  Spider Jacks are the demented off-spring of a Mountain Climber- Spider Push Up marriage.  Don't you feel excited just thinking about it!?!

And who wouldn't coo over the union of Leap Frogs and Planks.  What JOY!

Now friends (because I assume you are all my friends/admirers/wannabes/critics i.e. friends)  -- true love for you means I will show myself in not so flattering light. Here is my disclaimer:

These videos and pictures have not been photo-shopped to make us look like fitness models.  We are real people.  Our goal is to encourage and increase fitness not stress-out about thinness. (Easier said than done!) So,  DON'T TEASE THE CHUBBY LADY!!!)

That being said, Let the FUN begin.

Leap Frog Planks

Forward Leaning Rest
Assume a forward leaning rest position, i.e. push up position.  (If we think about it as resting it is not as hard right?)  Shoulder blades are squeezed together and pushed down the back; abs are tucked in; tuck the bum under and focus on pushing all your weight into your toes -- it takes the pressure off your arms.

While keeping your abs in tight and your bum tucked under, jump your legs up to your elbows like you are doing a leap frog.  Jump your legs back to the starting position.

For you CERTIFIABLY CRAZY people; try leaping your legs up without touching at the top.  Check out Adrienne doing the advanced version:

Spider Climbers
Lowered Forward Leaning Rest
What makes this exercise really challenging is maintaining a low push up position the whole time.

Begin with a forward leaning rest and lower down into a good push up position.  Head should be looking forward-- this allows you to go lower-- try to maintain a 90 degree angle.

While maintaining a lowered position, alternate pulling your knees to your elbows.  Keep those bums down, abs tucked and shoulder blades together.  Now go faster!!!!

Here is the video of Spider Climbers at full speed.

Have a fabulous Wednesday Workout!!!


  1. Your chubby lady comment must be directed at me, Erica, because you look awesome!

  2. You both are nuts and I love you for it.