Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Perfect Turkey Recipes

I have a confession to make.  You might find it strange, but..... I don't like turkey.  Really, I don't.  Turkey is not my favorite meat.  Do I cook turkey?  Every year on Thanksgiving.  And I make the best turkey around.   Just ask the neighbors.  They can smell it smoking.

I can't claim the recipes on my own.  But they rock the world.

This first type of Turkey I cook is based on a recipe my husband learned while he lived in Indiana.  He spent one Thanksgiving with a chef who stuffed his turkey with citrus fruits for extra moisture and flavor.  Danny Boome (food network) shared a similar recipe that takes the citrus to the next level by making a lemon & chive butter to coat the turkey with.  OH YUM!
Check out the  Citrus Turkey Recipe.

I love the smell of smoking meat.  I use Alton Brown's Honey Brined Hikory Smoked Turkey recipe also found on the food network site.  This recipe calls for leaving the turkey in a salt, honey & spice brine overnight, then smoking the bird on the BBQ.  My favorite part of this recipe is the cooking of the bird outside, leaving the oven free for baking rolls, stuffing, pies or any other yummy foods. Check out Alton's recipe:  Honey Brined Smoked Turkey Recipe

Here's hoping your bird is perfect this Thanksgiving!

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