Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Skinny-4-Santa (AKA Maintain Don't Gain)

Photo By Aussiegall
This week we started a new health incentive at my AF East Exercise Class called Skinny-4-Santa with the goal being to maintain and not gain weight during the Holiday Season.

I know that bowl of candy on top of the fridge calls out to me, ever enticing me to cave in;  when I have a goal, a commitment and a reason to resist I do better.  This year, I plan on not gaining any weight and thus remaining "skinny" for Santa.

Want to join in?  Grab a sheet of paper.  Write today's date on it.  Check in with your weight every week or so.  Celebrate staying at the "status quo" during the season of indulgence.  The final check in will be January 5th, 2013!

Now for the kicker.  Everyone who gains no more than 3 pounds (got to account for a change in water weight) will recieve a nifty prize.  Want to compete?  The person who reports the biggest weight loss will receive a slightly more nifty prize in addition to their "nifty prize." (I am taking suggestions for prizes that don't include food-- my favorite prize, but more difficult to ship.)

Stay Healthy My Friends!

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