Friday, August 23, 2013


Tomorrow is it!  You're chance to join me in a Teeny Tiny Triathlon.  Are you ready to give it a tri?

Here are the details:

Meet at the A.F. Fitness Center at 6:30 by the bike racks near the front door.  Adrienne and I will be there to help you get your stuff organized and ready to go.

You will park your bike in a bike stall.  Adrienne will hang out near the bikes to make sure they are safe while we swim.

You will place your biking gear (shoes, socks, helmet, shorts, shirt, etc.) near your bike.

You will place your running gear (visor, different shoes if desired,) in grocery bag, and place it in the running gear tote.  Adrienne will transport it to the running transition site... (Barratt LDS Building)

You will bring an extra bag for your wet things to go in (towel, goggles, swim cap) and place it near your bike.

We will enter the fitness center with our swimsuits on and towels in hand.  We will swim, towel dry and head out to Transition one near the bike racks where we will throw on some shorts and a shirt (or you can bike in a swimsuit if you are cool like that).  We'll strap on our helmets and head out on the bike.

While we are biking, Adrienne will bring our things over to the Barratt LDS Building where we will finish our ride.

At the Barratt Building, we'll park our bikes at the bike rack.  My husband, Bill, will be the designated volunteer to keep thieves at bay.  We'll take off our helmets, change shoes if needed, chug some water and head out on the run.

The run will finish back at the Barratt LDS Building, where you will collect your belongings, trash and equipment; do a happy dance; pat your fellow triathletes on the back; and celebrate your accomplishment.

CAN'T WAIT!!!!   Below is a Gear Check List and a Course Non-Map-- be familiar with it in case you are separated from the group.

Gear Check
Swim Gear
$4 entry fee (if not a Fitness Center Member)
Swim Suit (on your body)  (I wear a sports bra under the suit...)
Swim Cap
Plastic Bag (to put wet things in)

Bike Gear
Sun Glasses
Water Bottle

Running Gear (in a labeled plastic bag)
Shoes (if you need to change them)
Sun Glasses
Water Bottle

Course NON-Map
Swim: 150 meters at the AFFC -- that is 1 1/2 laps on the long lanes. (We'll be sharing the pool with other swimmers --swim on the right side of the lane to allow for passing)
Transition 1: Walk carefully off of the pool deck, through the building to the trusty bike racks, add a layer of clothing, and hop on your bike.  Adrienne will bring your stuff to the finish.
BikeLeave the Fitness Center heading north toward the cemetery-- being sure to ride on the right side of the road.  Turn right onto 600 North.  Stop at the stop sign.  Signal a left turn.  Wait for traffic to allow a safe left turn.  Turn left onto 100 East.  Obeying all traffic laws, bike north into Highland.  Turn right onto 11000 North (Timpanogos Highway/ Highland Highway).  Bike east to 4800 West (North County BVLD/ Lone Peak HS Road).  Turn Right onto 4800 West.  Obeying all traffic laws, bike south past the LDS Temple into American Fork.  Turn Right onto 300 North.  Bike 2 blocks to 900 East.  Signal a left turn.  Wait for traffic to allow a safe left turn.  Turn onto 900 East.  Arrive at the Barratt LDS Chapel.
Transition 2:  Leave your bike with the trusty volunteer, Bill (my husband).  Hydrate/Nourish with the things you provided.
Running Like Motion:  Leave the church heading north.  (Be safe.  Look for cars! Stay on the left side of the road/sidewalk)  Move in a running like motion to 300 North.  Turn left onto 300 North.  Run/Walk west to 700 East.  Turn left onto 700 East.  Relish the down hill portion of the run.  Continue to Main Street/50 South.  Turn left onto Main/50.  Run (or are you walking by now) to 900 East.  Turn left onto 900 East.  You are on the home stretch now.  Only 3 blocks left.  Make it back to the church with a smile on your face 'cause YOU ARE AWESOME!
Awards:  Great big sweaty hugs from Erica and the other TRI- athletes.  Feel free to provide your own trophy, finisher's medals, or sweet finish line snacks.  I'll have a cooler of water or Gatorade.

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  1. You might also want to bring a cheering section, and a camera to capture your pre/post race glory. This is gonna be good!