Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"More Fit For The Kingdom"

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I am getting stoked for a new school year.  All those bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils inspire me to buckle down and get back to work,-- working out-- same thing,  right?  With the beginning of the school year we are breaking out a a new exercise time, a new fall line up of exercise classes, and a new theme/mission statement to inspire us to greatness this next year.

The new time...  9:15-10:15  This should give those mom's with school aged kids enough time to get them out the door ready to learn before rushing of to sweat.

The new class line up will rock your mind and body!  We'll be doing a Cross Fit inspired workout Mondays, Zumba Tuesday & Thursdays, Turbo on Wednesdays, and Last Chance for Fridays.  Check out the AF East Exercise Page for a full description of each class.
Erica's Exercise Mission Statement for 2013-2014 comes from the beloved hymn "More Holiness Give Me."  The third verse of the hymn is a plea for purity, freedom from the stains of sin, and strength to endure and overcome the challenges of life. These and other qualities make us "fit for the kingdom" of God and able to be "used" in the service of others.

While these qualities are spiritual in nature, each has a physical analog.  Purity of body and nutrition; freedom from the addictions to food, chemicals and stimulants that limit the body and spirit; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stamina to endure life with joy and contentment.

We can be Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually Fit for God's Kingdom and have the capacity to serve with all our heart, might, mind and strength as we seek for purity, freedom, and strength.

This year we will become More Fit For The Kingdom and More Used In His Service by
  • providing emotional support and strength to our fellow sisters,
  • using the workouts enhance mental stamina and conditioning, &
  • increasing our cardiovascular endurance and raw physical power.
See You MONDAY!!!

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