Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Submitting to the Run

I was so excited the other week.  I went on an "easy" 2 mile run and at the end I realized I hadn't stopped once to catch my breath.  I felt fantastic after the run  and to my astonishment I had even felt good running.  A foreign concept for me and running the last couple years.  Even just a week previously, running felt hard!

What was the change?  What was different?  Were my legs just back?  Had weight loss contributed to the ease of the run?  Was my physical conditioning significantly improved?  Asthma miraculously healed?

After much analysis, I realized my attitude has changed.  A year ago my runs were goal oriented-- you know pushing because I want to be a better me.    I embraced the philosophy of CAN DO and pushed myself to reach specific marks of accomplishment.  (For the purpose of full disclosure my goal was a 10:30 mile pace over 3 miles ... not insane but a big push for me.)  With this attitude I would "buckle down" and mentally focus on the outcome and force myself through my run.  You know... Power Through the Pain...  I am sure you are not surprised to hear that after the passion of the push wore off, I avoided my runs as much as possible.

The last few runs this year reflect my focus on surrender; to release my desires (catch my breath, stop and rest, turn around and go back home, call for a taxi) and relax into the motion of running.  The goal-- and I am far from perfect at it-- is to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings (stop you crazy person you-- you can't run this far), but to gently direct your mind to a positive place (I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me) and just let the body do its job (running).

This week's Workout Wednesday Tip  :   
Submit  Relax  Enjoy
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