Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Practice Makes Permanent

I like to remind myself that new adventures bring with them new muscles.  But sometimes building new muscles leaves me tired and achey and just plain grouchy.   Sometimes injury is added to the insult when the growing muscles aren't prepped properly.

I will be the first to admit that  I never really learned how to run.  Yes, I "ran" track in junior high (they let me throw the discus) and I "ran" in high school P.E., but I never did run-- with good form.  So, when I picked up running in college I just went with it-- I moved in a running like fashion and called it good enough.  Sadly, I embraced that philosophy for far too long and injured myself because I hadn't strengthened the muscles required for good running form.

Repeating essential skills creates the muscle memory, control and strength required to perform the desired feat-- Piano players, ballarinas and even runners repeat exercises daily to strengthen their bodies.

I was first introduced to running drills when I was training for a triathlon.  The program I used recommended 11 skills to practice to prevent injury and strengthen and balance the leg muscles.  When I began using the drills, I was surprised at how weak some of my muscles were.  New adventure=New Muscles = Sore!

But don't let that discourage you from trying.  Maybe the good form will help heal that nagging injury-- or maybe you need some good rest.  Just listen to your body.  If your body is ready for the challenge try adding 4 drills before short run workouts (30 minute runs).  Or for a smashingly awesome time try all 11 drills for one focused workout.

Run Drills
NEVER try to do these on a treadmill!  I promise it is not pretty!!!!
Do desired exercises for 50 meters-- build up to 100 meters

Walk on Toes (works the muscles in the shin, prevents shin splints)
Walk on Toes (Heels in, Heels Out)
Walk on Heels (Strengthens/stabilizes the calf muscles and Achilles tendon)
Walk on Heels (Toes in, Toes out)
Strides (loosens muscles & cements in good form) how to
Butt Kicks (tones the hamstrings, releases the quad muscles)
High Knees (tones the quads and abs, releases the hamstrings)
Karaoke (hip flexor strength and flexibility) how to
Skipping (works calf muscles, hips & quads)
High Knee Skips (Think skip but with as big a hop as possible rebounding)
Run Backwards-- pushing from your fore foot (forces the workload into the quads)

Happy Wednesday Workout!!!

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