Friday, May 17, 2013

Depression, Vitamins and Health

School is ending. Are you ready for your TriHarderLiveBetter final quiz of the term? 

One question-- Pass or Fail...  True or false.
The categgory: How well do  you know Erica?

Depression never keeps Erica down.

Did you get it right?  (Answer: False)  I hope you know me well enough to know that I have struggled with depression from time to time.  I have been to therapy, been medicated, sought religious council and help.  Been there, done that. They all helped.

Everyone's path to mental health is just that.  Their own path.  Some people (me and maybe you too) struggle with feelings of depression, low self worth, fear and anxiety on a regular basis.  Some people manage with exercise, medication, meditation, therapy, or a host of other solutions.  Each path is valid and helpful if it is helping an individual.

The biggest help for me in the past few years has been discovering the world of vitamin supplements and the contribution they make in my mental and physical health.  I am kind of a vitamin junkie now.  Want to know what helps me the most?  Here's a quick summery of the vitamins I take in addition to my prescription anti-depressant, and their health benefits for mind and body.

Remember, this is what works for me.  Please consult your physician, psychiatrist, pharmacist and all other medical professionals to determine what might work best for you.
Disclaimer DONE

My Dailies: Clockwise, Vitamin D (small oval), B-100 (orange), Fish Oil (large oval),
Magnesium (green oval), Daily Multi Vitamin, (beige),  Potassium, (white oval)
Vitamin B-100 complex- contains between 100-5000% of the daily recommended dose of all your B vitamins.  Research shows that seratonin (the happy chemical in your brain) is composed of B vitamins.  If your body is deficient in B vitamins or doesn't process them adequately you will not have enough seratonin in your brain.  I feel the difference in my energy level and mood stability when I consistantly use my B-100 Complex.  B vitamins are water soluable, so any unused vitamins are washed out of your system with your urine-- magic color change.

Vitamin D-  Another happy chemical needed in your body.  Most adults garner their daily recomended dose of  vitamin D with only 20 minutes exposure to the sun.  Vitamin D is essentail to brain development and health-- you want your brain to work well, make sure it has enough Vitamin D.

Omega 3 (Fish Oil) Japanese researchers found "fish oil may help activate serotonergic neurons (or neuropetides), which are partially responsible for controlling your mood, your appetite, and even how much anger you feel."

Magnesium plays a crucial role in the body.  As an electrolyte it helps nerves send information to vital muscles-- in fact magnesium is necessary for muscle relaxation.  I began using magnesium to stabilize my asthma and help relax the bronchial tubes, but it has been helpful in reducing anxiety too.  Just a caution, too much magnesium can relax the bowels too.

Potassium-  A recent discovery for me.  It helps me balance my water levels the body.  I no longer feel crazy dehydrated after workouts and my energy level is more stable though out the day.

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