Wednesday, May 15, 2013

7 Minute Workout

HICT-  Have you heard of it?  High Intensity Circuit Training.  According to a recent article in the American College of Sports Medicine's Health and Fitness Journal, High Intensity Circuit Training can speed fat loss, decrease insulin resistance (a precursor to diabetes) and give you the benefits of weight and aerobic training in one short session.

The journal recommended alternating toning the large muscle groups with cardio intervals.  So while the legs are working, the lungs and core rest.  While the arms are working the legs get some time off.  By moving quickly from exercise to exercise, you keep your heart rate up.  By keeping each exercise set short you fatigue muscles without exhausting them.

ACSM's 7-Minute Workout consists of 12 exercises each done for 30 seconds.  Allow yourself 10 seconds to transition to the new exercise and you still are finished with the set in 7 minutes.  The circuit can be repeated 2-3 times as desired.

We did this workout on Monday, and it was a blast!  The quick sets helped me keep good form on each set.  I was excited that while the workout was intense fun, I was not sore-- even after repeating the circuit 5 times!  Call me a glutton for punishment... Maybe it was because I spent the afternoon at the pool relaxing?  Nah it was a good workout without the extreme muscle fatigue, I have become acquainted with in traditional weight training.

Now to the workout... Remember, the key to the success of this workout is intensity.  If 10 is all out effort, and 0 is resting on the couch, aim for an 8-- uncomfortable, but doable.

Image from New York Times Magazine, 5/12/13

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