Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Future Picture Statement

In my never ending quest for self improvement (will I EVER arrive?),  I have been reading a book that encourages you to plan your life with future in mind. A picture in words of who you want to be in all aspects of your life.  The book encourages you to use this Picture to guide you in your daily choices.

The exercise had you include what you want to be like physically, emotionally, spiritually and in your relationships.  I tried it and it was powerful.  You might want to try it too.

Start by writing a paragraph in present tense about each aspect of your life (physically, emotionally, spiritually and in relationships).  How you intend to be.  Then take the best of each area to create a master picture statement.

I'll share with you my picture of myself physically....  Remember how I intend to be....

I am a strong, active woman.  I find joy exercising 5-6 days a week.  My muscles are strong and flexible.  I care for my body by choosing healthy foods that help me feel energetic.  I weigh 150 lbs.  I use my body to serve others.  I remember to rest sufficiently.  I challenge my body and mind and find my energy increasing as I embrace new adventures.  I show my body respect by grooming myself.  I exude love and confidence.  My eyes glow with the love of the Lord.
I wrote a similar paragraph for each area of my life.

Combining them was crazy hard.  I loved the vision of myself I had created and I didn't want to leave anything out!!!  Then it came to me.  I have always been inspired by the LDS Relief Society Declaration and the Young Women's Theme, so I modeled my Master Picture after those documents. Then I needed to make it beautiful.... 

Here is my end product:

Now to post it on my bathroom mirror.  The best part of doing this was begining to really see WHO I am.  Not who I believe I am.  Listen to yourself and find the best part of you hidden under the ugly images painted by others...

Love you guys tons!!!

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