Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Smart Phone-- Workout Wednesday

Hello, my name is Erica, and I just got my first smart phone/tablet/advanced technical device.  I have been working on figuring it out.  You know, how to do email from it, how to send and recieve texts, how to change ring tones, how to install applications (apps).  All this stuff I have seen people doing for years;  I feel like I have a huge learning curve ahead of me...

That said, the third app I downloaded (after LDS Tools & Library), was one I coveted the day Bill first downloaded it on his phone a few years ago.

Sit Ups
Sit Ups by Rittr Labs

The app is simple.  Decide how many sit ups you want to be able to do continuously, 100, 150, 200, or 250.  The app will ask how many sit ups you can complete before exhaustion.  Based on your input the Sit Ups determines a workout plan for you.  When you open the app, it will prompt you to complete 5 sets of sit ups-- the number in each set varies.  The app even includes specific rest time between sets and counts down that rest for you.  After each work out you tell the app if the sets were just right, too hard or too easy; the app then adjusts the level of difficulty.  The app recommends a rest day in between sessions.

Best part.  Sit Ups is free.  You can even opt out of the ads at the top of the screen.

Rittr Labs uses the same format to help you tone up with their Push Ups, Squats, and Pull Ups apps (all free).  I am doing the Push Ups on Sit Up rest days-- I thought I ought to wait to be able to do one pull up before trying the pull up app.

Now I need your help!  What are your ESSENTIAL apps-- you know the ones you use every day and can't imagine life without.  Or the best games you use to kill time...  Which apps help you monitor your progress towards fitness?


  1. Brian just got an iPhone two weeks ago and is loving it. We just learned about Angry Birds a few months ago. How had we lived without it? ;)

  2. Brian - I love the running apps that map your route and let me know how slow I am running. I use Runnify, but the Nike app is nice also.