Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tip of the Day-- Single Serving Smoothies

Confession:  I am the meanest, lenient mom ever.  I make my kids help do the dishes.  A speciffic child didn't do dishes yesterday, so the dishes are waiting in the sink for said child do when he/she comes home from school.  Yes, I said lenient because I didn't check said child out of school to finish the chores, wake them up at 4 am to finish before school or pull them out of bed at 11pm.  (Been there, done that.  Not my thing.  Didn't get the results I wanted.)  So I wait in my house with a sink full of dirty dishes for school to be released.

But here is my problem.  My single serving blender container is dirty and I don't want to wash it!  (I'm a tad lazy and stubborn too.)

The Brilliant Idea?

Behold the MASON JAR

The threads on the regular mouthed mason jar are the same size as the blender ring.  And YES it works!

 Now I can enjoy my carrot, apple and grape smoothie! And still be the meanest mom on the block!

For those inquiring minds: 10 baby carrots, 1 hand full of grapes, and 1/2 apple with 1 cup of water.  Blend till smooth.

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