Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Adrienne's Last Stand-- Wednesday Workout

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My good friend Adrienne organized a "Last Chance" workout for us today...  She will be spending the weekend on a white sand beach and needed a last minute sweat.  Why not torture all of us and all of you with her.  It was a full body smash-- in a good way.

You know those workouts we've done with 100 reps per body area.  Yep, that what this workout has too; and since it is a we were doing it on a  Wednesday not a Monday, we could add more leg work without burning out for the whole week.  Sounds like fun, yes?

Adrienne's Last Stand

Quads & Glutes 
Walking Lunges- Walk forward lunging down.  Step feet together.  Alternate legs.  25 each leg
Side Squats-- Place one foot on an elevated surface (step, low chair).  With feet slightly more than hip distance apart, squat down.  Chest lifted,  bum pressed out.  Squeeze your cheeks together and press the hips forward as you come up. 25 each leg
Low to High Lunges- Imagine you are picking up a weight off the floor and turning to put it on a shelf behind you.  That is the basic motion.  With chest lifted, lunge to pick up the weight. Stand up.  Turn the back foot and pivot 90 degrees lifting the weight to put in on the imaginary shelf above your head. 25 each side

Upper Cuts-- the basic punching move. Twist the upper body to add more force, while keeping the lower body still. 50 each side
Over the Head Punches with Speed Bags-  This works the front and back parts of the obliques.  While standing with feet hip width apart bum tucked under, lean to each side and pull your ribs toward the side of your hip.  As you lean to the right, punch with your left hand toward the ceiling.  When you lean to the left, punch with the right hand.  For fun add  some speed bags to the punches.  50

Shoulders & Back
Standard Push Ups-  50
Diamond Push Ups-  Hands together forming a diamond. 25
Tricep Push Ups-  These are easier to understand if you see them done.  Check out the video.  25 each side

Bicep Curls-  Standard 50
Lateral Bicep Curls-  Arms turned to the side 25
Hammer Curls-- Instead of having your palms toward the ceiling, turn them so they face each other.  Thumbs will be toward the ceiling.  25

Cardio/ Abs
Burpees-- Check out the video.  I don't do a full push up with each one.  I can dream of being that strong! 25
High Knees-- Yes like you are running and your knees are up to your belly button.  50 each leg
Plank Moguls-- I curse the person who developed this exercise.  It kills me every time.  I am out of breath just thinking about it.  Watch the Video.

Calves/ Hamstrings
Calf Raises-- 25 with toes pointing forward, 25 with toes pointing to the side, 25 with toes pointing together, Bonus 25 with weights for those who are tough enough.

Now that the workout is done, I will imagine myself at the beach with Adrienne... enjoying the sun and the surf.....

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Isn't that what you do at the beach???

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