Friday, March 15, 2013

π Day Let Down

I was so excited this week to celebrate Pi (π) (3.14159....).  And not just because I love making and eating pie.  This year I was going to teach the kids in 1st and 3rd grade about pi, and why 3.14159 is such an awesome number.
photo credit: Mykl Roventine via photopin cc

What did I do instead?
I pondered the circumference of the toilet bowl ( 2 \pi r) and the volume of a throw up bowl (πr2h) and even evaluated the area of circular vomit splatter  ( \pi r^2).

Stomach flu is not my best friend-- especially when it interferes with pie eating. (I saved a piece for when I feel up to eating it!)  Here's hoping your π day and your pie was fantastic!!!  

photo credit: pauladamsmith via photopin cc

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