Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lazy Iron- Cycling Workout

How's the race going for you.  Have you logged many miles yet?  I am getting ready to tackle my first bike segment of the race.  In my basement.  Yeah it is still too cold for me (yes, I am wussy) to ride outside.  But frankly, riding indoors can be boring at best!  How do I overcome my desire to jump off the bike and run around screaming like a mad woman?  2 words....  Music & DRILLS

You are in charge of your own tunes, but here are some ideas to keep your body moving when your mind says "fugetaboutit!"
photo credit: Nottingham Trent University via photopin cc

Each of these ideas is an entire workout.  Break them up to add to your favorite rides...

Cadence Check Points:  Every 3 minutes (every time a song ends) check your cadence-- how many times one leg completes one revolution of pedaling.  Count how many times your right leg goes down for 15 seconds.  Shoot for 20 revolutions in 15 seconds (about 80 per minute).  Experienced cyclists have a RPM of 80 or higher on a flat course, inexperienced stay near 50.  Time flies when you are counting instead of thinking...

Spin-Ups:  After warming up, gently increase your cadence over 30 seconds.  When your rear begins to fly off the saddle, reduce your cadence and recover for a minute or two before your next spin up.  Complete 4-6 spin ups.  Be sure to spin easy at the end of the workout.

Isolated Leg Training:  This drill forces each leg to have smooth range of motion and beautiful form.  After warming up, pedal with one leg for 30 seconds, while the other leg rests.  (Technique moment... At the top of the pedal stroke, drive your knee and toes forward.  As your foot begins the downward motion, apply pressure to the pedal as if you were scraping mud off a shoe.  As your foot moves to the back of the pedal stroke, lift and unweight your foot and prepare to drive your knee forward again.  You want to constantly be delivering force to the wheel throughout your pedal stroke.)  After  completing one cycle with each leg, spin with both legs for one minute.  Accumulate 3-5 minutes of ILT per leg.  Spin Easy to finish the workout!

90's day:  Need some insane Cardio on the bike.  This is the workout for it.  Keep your Cadence at 90 + RPM for the entire session.  When you can't keep it at 90 RPM, rest for a minute then pick it back up.  This teaches your body to be comfortable at a higher revolution.  Enjoy it!  90 RPM is equal to 22 revolutions in 15 seconds.

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