Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Food Answers

Have you ever tried a diet that you thought would be impossible?  Well, this week I am on an alkaline ash diet to try to alleviate some health problems I have been having.  My doctor gave me a list of foods to eat.  All veggies and fruits.  No dairy, grains, protein (except almonds and dry beans), animal products, or sugars (naturally occurring sugar in fruit and molasses are ok).  How does one eat like that!?!  For a week or more at a time?!?

You know me and my obsession with cheese and chocolate and desserts and yummy foods.  Yeah, I like the green stuff too, but what makes my salad divine is the sprinkle of feta or the balsamic and olive oil dressing.  Yeah, none of that stuff for me.

Today, I am repenting and saying good bye to that bad attitude.  No more pitty party for me!  (On the up side, I have lost 6+ lbs this week...)  And I have done a lot of reading.  Here are some terrific resources I have found.

Needing good grain recipes?  Check out Quinoa Recipes
photo credit: Jenny Factory via photopin cc

Feeling stressed and not sure what is going on?  Heard about Alkalizing your body.  See what Alkaline Acid Testing is what it can say about your body.

Feel like you have sluggish digestion and your body won't tolerate foods it used to?  Check out Surprising Symptoms of Poor Digestion .

Beets can really help your body to digest food?  You have got to be kidding!  Read on.

And the bonus: 10 tips for weight loss

Feel Happy Today!

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