Tuesday, March 1, 2016

100% Fruit Jam

I'm not the only one in my family with dietary restrictions... Recently my 12 year old joined me in my "crazy" lifestyle... he does no processed food, dyes, or sugar. (My restrictions include no dairy, sugar or grain-- so he has it "easy" with so many more options available)  But sugar is in everything... how do you make kid food happy with no sugar?  PB& PB sandwiches?  Not so yummy.

Inspired by my desire to have some normalcy for him, I created this 100% fruit jam.  It is thick and spreads like a traditional home made jam and is fantastic on pancakes, bread, or just by the spoonful.  This jam is a combination of mixed berries and pineapple.  The berries give sweetness and color, and the pineapple pushes the sweetness farther while the fiber gives the jam the thick consistency.  Bonus?  This jam is no cook, no mess, 5 minutes from start to finish!

100% Fruit Jam

1 cup frozen mixed berries
1/2 cup drained, canned pineapple chunks

Defrost frozen mixed berries in the microwave- a bit of liquid will leak out of the berries, this is normal.  Drain those pineapple chunks well.  Combine pineapple and thawed berries in a small blender.  Blend together until it reaches a smooth and consistent texture (about 30-40 seconds).

Spoon jam into a jar and refrigerate.  It will thicken as it sits.  Keep refrigerated.

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