Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Eating Enough...

Getting enough calories can be a challenge for me.  Well sort of.  I don't eat grains, dairy, sugar, or legumes, so that limits the types of calories I am getting.  I don't eat snacks usually.. they mess up my blood sugar levels and then I get crazy cravings.  I exercise.  My body needs some good wholesome fuel intake.  So how do I maximize the good stuff, stay satiated and satisfied?

Here's the low down. I eat at meals.  I eat a LOT.  I'm serious.  When I started eating this way I looked at all the food on my plate and thought there is no way I can eat all this.  I did.  And amazingly I wasn't hungry until the next meal.  My blood sugar levels stayed stable.  I was good.  Life is great with big glorious meals.

How do I get enough calories?  Besides eating a lot?  Whole 30 was my inspiration for my meal planning.  Here is a link to their synopsis of what and how much to eat.  Their easy images helped me figure out portions to begin with.  And YES, eat all the healthy fat you can.  The fat makes a HUGE difference.

It is a little embarrassing to admit, but here goes.  I eat eggs and bacon almost every day for breakfast.  4 medium eggs or 3 extra large eggs-- JUST FOR ME :)  Fried in 1 Tablespoon (sometimes more) of coconut oil.  Topped with 1 Tablespoon (or more) of crumbled bacon (I buy the Costco bag).  Liberally sprinkled with salt and pepper, it is my breakfast of champions.

I ignore my own advice every morning and skip the the veggies-- unless I feel like adding in some peppers and tomatoes and onions to my eggs.  I eat breakfast at 7:30 and this keeps me full and satisfied until lunch at noon... Even with a good hour workout between those meals.

Each day I pack a baggie of veggies.  Celery, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes... whatever I am in the mood for. Your average sandwich zip bag can hold 2- 2 1/2 cups of veggies.  That is a good start to your lunch.  I eat my daily celery with a little serving dish of almond butter for some good fat.

I also pack a baggie full shredded, unsweetened coconut.  Plain coconut takes a while to chew, digest and process in your body.  It is relatively low in calories when you think about how long it takes you to eat it.  I  mix in a small handful of almonds with my coconut to get some extra crunch.

I add to the veggies and coconut/almond mix my "protein" rich main dish.  Jarred chili, lunch meat sandwich, leftovers from the night before.  Whatever strikes my fancy.

If I am still a little hungry, I'll finish off my meal with a small piece of fruit and a hard boiled egg.

I try not to eat snacks too often.  If I am really hungry, I'll eat what I wasn't able to finish at lunch time.  Or I'll eat a breakfast type food.  Pumpkin pancakes, veggie & fruit smoothie (with extra amino acids) or some "Granola."

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