Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dinner Time Tips

How I serve dinner. (Steak & Potato Salad)
Anyone can eat a healthy dinner and still feed their family well too.  Here are a few tips that have kept my family happy while I eat what I need too.

  • Serve things separately:  I mix together the things I can eat and serve the rest in separate  dishes.  The kids can pick what they want to mix together on their  plate.  We all can eat and enjoy without the fighting.  It helps a lot with my picky kids to tell them they have to pick a protein and a veggie to put on their plate.  The rest of the food is optional.

  • Modify your favorite foods: We love curries and stir fries.  But my standby recipes had flour and food starch.  My family has been able to adapt to not so thick sauces.  I omit the thickener called for in the recipe, and just let the liquids evaporate.  The sauces aren't as finger licking thick, but the flavor is still amazing.

  • Plan for lazy mom days.  When I am pinched for time, or I emotionally or physically can't cook a good meal (those days happen to us all!), I buy my kids $5 pizza or cook up some boxed mac and cheese, and I just eat some good for me leftovers.  Yup, laziness happens.  PLAN FOR IT!  and you won't be tempted.

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