Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Feeding your Inner Child

Have you ever thought about you inner child.  That voice that screams, "This is not fair! Throw a fit!  Then you will get your way!"  Or complains, "But I WANT it!"  Or insists that it wants, "just one more bite."

My children are very open about what they what and when they want it.  Left to their own devices, I fear what would happen.  Scenes of explosions (not the emotional type), riotous living, partying, house trashed and complete sweet indulgence dance like sugar plum fairies in this mom's nightmare.

Fortunately moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas are around to help reign in the little terrors ANGELS.  But who parents the inner child of an adult?

I have recently found myself trapped in the "I am an adult, I can have another piece of cake if I want to" trap.  This insidious trap convinces me that as soon as the kids go to bed, I can indulge in something sweet or some mind-numbing tv because I deserve it!   You know the line....
"I've had a long day.  I have worked hard.  All children remained unscathed today and they all got to their lessons.  It's ME time!"  

And by the end of the evening I have eaten an entire carton of ice cream when I only intended to eat a single (or maybe double) scoop.

Would I ever let my child eat that way?  NEVER!  So why do I give in to my inner child's demands?  (A shrink might say it is because I was disciplined by a parent while growing up and never learned to self regulate and choose healthy habits on my own....)

Maybe for today, I'll eat like I would want my kids to. (Veggies FIRST!  No you may not have cookies & cocoa for breakfast!!!!)

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