Wednesday, September 12, 2012

High Plank Side Kicks & Sitting Eagle Crunches

I've been looking back at my Wednesday posts; am I a glutton for abdominal punishment?  Yeah, I guess.  What is better than challenging yourself and succeeding at something CRAZY HARD?  Not much in my book.

This week is no exception.  Do you know the Insanity workouts?  Crazy intense high impact followed by hardcore toning leaving you a shredded body.  Adrienne (my exercise buddy) has been feeling inspired by Insanity lately.  Here is how to do Adrienne's
High Plank

High Plank Side Kicks:

Begin in high plank (forward leaning rest). Don't forget to tuck that rear under and squeeze those abs and shoulder blades together. 

While resting here bring one knee up to the side. 

Dang my legs look good!

While holding this position kick your leg out to the side.  Keep that bum down.  Think speed kick while in plank position.

 Eagle Crunches?
Crunchy Frogs (We do them sitting up.)
Our friend Carol inspired this move.  We were doing a hellishly awesome set of crunchy frogs and Carol rested her feet on the ground for a second then opened them up into a seated front stretch and I thought, "we could turn that into a killer crazy frog."  Incorporating leg, glut and ab work in one exercise Bring IT!
No I am not leaning on the fireplace!

Begin by sitting up with knees tucked into your chest.  Engage your core and lean back... a little further now.

Engage that core! Balance!!!

Balancing on your glutie,(yes I made up that word.  Glut and bootee mix) extend your legs out to the front without letting them touch the floor. 

Now spread eagle.  Control, Control, Control.  Now bring your legs back to the center and pull them into your chest.  Build up to 25 consecutive Eagle Crunches for rocking inner thighs and abs!

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