Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Julia- Workout Wednesday

Who is Julia?  Well not only is she a fantastic friend and awesome work out groupie, she was also a woman in New Testament Times who lived in Rome.  All we know about her is that Paul sent her his greetings.  So I will assume that she was a woman of faith, virtue, hope and charity -- just like my friend Julia.

The Julia Workout focuses on the back side of the body-- you know those parts we don't see in the mirror and don't always think about.  The back side is essential to balancing muscles, range of motion and real strength.  In fact, as you strengthen your back your body becomes free to do more work.  So as you are doing these exercises remember to pinch those shoulder blades together and push them down your back.  While your at it you might as well tighten that tush too (think holding a penny between your two cheeks)!

Julia's Workout  complete 50 of each exercise using good form (pinch those shoulder blades together and push them down the back)  When your form deteriorates, move on to the next exercise.  Check out the video/image links for more information about each exercise.

Seated Row
Lat Row
Bicep/Tricep Curls Using a medium weight, hold your arms near your torso.  Curl your arms up into a bicep curl.  Rotate the wrists to the floor and push back behind you into a tricep curl.  The upper arm remains stationary throughout the exercise.
Push ups
Box Jumps Lunge Combo  Imagine jumping over a box, then lunging forward.  That is this exercise.  Tuck jump over an imaginary box then lunge forward.  Alternate which leg walks forward into the lunge.  When you are lunging, make sure you take a large step forward and your weight stays in the front heel.
Bum Lift- lay on the floor with your knees bent and your feet elevated on a chair. Squeeze that tush as you lift your bum off the floor.
Side Plank (1 minute each side total)
Plank Set (High, Low) 30 seconds each, twice

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