Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Anna- Workout Wednesday

I love the story of Anna in the New Testament.  A widow of 80+ years, she worked in the temple day and night.  Luke reports that she fasted and prayed much.  While at the temple she recognized the infant Jesus as the Savior of the World.

I want to be like Anna.  In honor of Anna, I can work on being fast-- I know a bad pun.

Anna's Workout focus on upper body strength and speed and agility training.  Complete 50 repetitions or your Max of each of the strength exercises;  relax with just ten repetitions of each agility exercise.

Strength (50 repetitions or YOUR Max)
Crunches on an exercise ball
Bicep Curls with an exercise band
Tricep Push Back with an exercise band
Push Ups
Pull Ups (modified or however you can do them)

Agility (10 each)
Backwards Run & Sprint- run backwards the width of the gym, as you approach the end of the gym, plant a foot and sprint across the gym.
Side Shuffle with ball toss- shuffle your feet sideways across the gym.  Toss a basketball (weighted ball if you're awesome like that) at a wall and catch it as you travel across the width of a gym.
Burpees-- You know this one
Shuttle Run-- Relive the HORROR glory of elementary gym class with this exercise.  Remember doing this with chalkboard erasers?  2 erasers on one side, 2 on the other.  Run across the width of the gym carrying one eraser, drop it, grab another and repeat.  Check out this video for a reminder.

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