Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Smart Women

Front CoverA book at the library caught my attention.  Its title?  Men Like Women Who Like Themselves.  Learning to love myself has been a focus of my self improvement quest and this book fit the bill.  OK the book was all about building relationships with men from a single women's perspective and wasn't as awesome as I had hopped it would be, but the title got me thinking.  People generally like people who like themselves.

This paragraph in the introduction caught my attention...

The smartest women is a women who has a clear indisputable sense of her worth and her power.  She knows what she brings to a relationship, and she knows what she deserves in return.  The smartest Woman knows how to meet and survive difficult challenges; she also knows how to "tend the field" during gentler times.  The hard work of relationships is rewarded because she is getting back as much as she puts in.  In simple terms, the Smartest Woman knows and respects who she is.  Because of this inner knowledge she is in control of herself and her life.

Then a little later...
The Smartest Women knows... If you want to be successful in your personal life, you have to "come to your senses."   You need a sense of balance, a sense of worth, a sense of values, a sense of priorities, a sense of self and a sense of humor.

When I know who I am and what I stand for, my life flows more smoothly and happily.  I am in control of myself-- It doesn't matter if the world is falling to pieces around me.  I have inner peace because I am centered.   Love It!

Men Like Women Who Like Themselves (And other Secrets That the Smartest Women Know About Partnership And Power).  Steven Carter & Julia Sokol; Delacorte Press, 1996. pp2-3

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