Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Runner's Arms & Back Workout

I've been running a lot more recently.  (By a lot more, I mean once or twice a week.)  And I have noticed that my quads and hamstrings are getting strong (by strong, I mean sore).  On my days off (not teaching Zumba or running) I needed a workout that would strengthen all the muscles I wasn't getting running and dancing, while still giving my quads a day off.

 The Runner's Arms and Back (and other body parts besides the quads and hams) Workout

The sets go like this: Upper Body, Abs, Run Drill, 10 Push Ups (Repeat 10 times)  By the end of the workout you will have done 100 push ups, PLUS 500+ crunches (ab reps), PLUS a ton of arm work. Sounds exciting YES?  We tried this out last week and I was so excited to have fresh legs on a run (bragging... 7.5 miles :)  the next day!!!  Plus we finished in less than an hour.

I am breaking this down into Upper Body, Abs, Run Drills.  Pick one from each category for each set.

Upper Body
Biceps (2 Sets of 15)
Military Presses (2 sets of 20)
Peck Flies (2 sets of 15)
Tricep Push Ups (3 sets of 15)
Super Mans (3 sets of 10)
Lat-rows (1 set of 25)
Skull Crushers (3 sets of 15)
Peck Squeezers (2 sets of 10) (holding weights squeeze elbows together above the bust)
Delt Flies (2 sets of 15 -forward and side)
Lateral Biceps (2 sets of 15)

Sitting Legs In & Out (2 sets of 25, wide leg and narrow leg)  Sit on the floor with your feet in front of you.  Keeping your feet on the floor, push your feet out & drag them back in to you)
Laying Bicycle (25 each side)
Cross Leg/Wide Leg Sit ups  25 each kind (reach opposite arm to leg)
Laying crunches with legs straight crunch 20, cross one foot over the other crunch 20, repeat other side
Sledge Hammers standing in a half squat with a weight held in hands , with controlled power, swing weight over head then slam toward floor
Side Plank  hold for 15, 15 body wraps, 15 hip dips each side
Low Plank hold 20 second, calf raise 20 times, toe tap 20 times
Scissor Crunches (25 each side)
In and Out seated with feet off the floor, take your feet out and in-- balance on the bum
Misery-- My favorite Set!!!  20 Crunches w/feet on the floor, 20 Crunches UP with one foot on the knee, 20 crunches Across to the ankle, 20 Reverse (with ankle still on knee, bring knee toward chest while lifting bum off the floor, 20 Crunch with both feet on the floor.  Repeat for the other side

Run Drills (run the length of the gym or 100meters)
Walk on toes
Walk on toes (Heels in)
Walk on toes (Heels out)
Walk on Heels
Walk on Heels (Toes in for half, and out for the other half)
Butt Kickers
Skipping with high knees
High Knees
Run Backwards then Sprint forward


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