Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Workout- 100's day

We are officially halfway through the school year here- Translation: I have fewer than 90 school days to prepare myself for summer vacation!  Oh, and next week we will have a fun party in the first grade to celebrate the number 100.  Why not celebrate 100 with the elementary school kids by trying this workout?

Just do these 4 exercises.  If you only have 10 minutes, do each exercise for a total of 2 minutes with 30 seconds to rest between exercises.    Hard Core?  Go for 100 continuous! Or if you want to be able to walk tomorrow,  do each exercise 25 times (making 100 total). I promise your glutes & arms & abs will thank you!

"Olympic Dead Lifts"  No need to be an Olympic athlete to try this glute and hamstring toning exercise.  Begin by squatting down with  you chest lifted and knees over your ankles.  Imagine picking up a weight.  Begin to stand up and squeeze you tush together and and push your pelvis forward as you come to a complete stand.  Ready to pick it up a notch?  Add weights.  Here is your visual:

Bicep/Tricep Curls:  This exercise smashes your biceps and triceps at the same time.  Start with your arms glued to your sideWhile engaging your bicep muscles bring your wrists up toward your chest.  Now turn your wrists so they are facing the floor.  Extend your arms towards the rear and feel your triceps burn.  How heavy of a weight can you do?

"Insanity" style Suicide Drills (No, you are not pretending to die, but you might want to kill someone [me] halfway through this set.) Alternate lunging and touching your toes with a jump inbetween each lunge.   Not sure what I mean.  Check out this video

Sit Ups: You know the drill.  You did these in P.E. all the time.  How many can you do in a row?  20?  Can you do 5 minutes continuous?  Can you get to 100?  Go for it!

Happy Exercising!

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