Thursday, January 3, 2013

To Resolve or Not To Resolve....

Are you full of resolutions?  Great ideas to keep yourself motivated?  I reviewed 2012 and looked at all the things I had begun and not finished and realized: dang, I fail more than I succeed!

  • January 2012:  I made a goal to complete an Olympic distance Triathlon, a couple sprint Triathlons and finish the Tough Mudder, but injury stalled my racing glory!!!!(separated shoulder, sprained both ankles (multiple times),  uncontrolled asthma in spring, summer, and fall  YUCK!)
  • August 2012:  I made a goal to have a six-pack for Christmas-- I found this awesome article about building super strong muscles...(I lost an inch around the waist.)
  • October 2012:   I made a goal to not gain weight over the holidays [Halloween through New Years] (I only gained 2 lbs.) 
  • December 2012:  I made a goal to post every day for Christmas No-Break.  I posted 3 or 4 times.... Not ideal... but I did workout 5 days a week.

In a sheepish tone I remind myself that
"Success is falling nine times and getting back up ten."

This year I resolve to fail... and fail with glory by getting back up each time.  I'm going to attempt a couple sprint and Olympic Triathlons, get that 6-pack and pledge to write 3 times a week.

This year : No matter how hard I fail -- or FALL-- I'll  keep trying.

Do you have any awesome resolutions?

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