Friday, August 10, 2012

Exercise Class Reminders

Thanks for making our Stake Exercise Class a huge success. It is so much fun to teach an enthusiastic group. I hope you are having as much fun as I am. With the ever-increasing number of ladies coming to class I want to remind everyone of our governing values.

Respect-- Please help your children learn respect for the people exercising, the facilities we use and each other. Help them be aware of how their actions impact others. Throwing toys damages the facility, can hurt a child and injure an exerciser. Help your children show respect by cleaning up after themselves. The nurseries allow us to use their toys-- How Kind! Please be considerate-- let's limit the spread of disease as much as possible.
Accountability-- be responsible for your children. Watch over your kids; let them know when they are not showing respect for the people around them and not being safe. You need to know where your kids are and what they are doing always. Help them learn to be accountable for their actions.
Safety-- To help keep the women and kids safe (last Tuesday we had 30+ women exercising) we need to have NO kids running/walking across/around the gym. Children must stay in the overflow area. I would be heartbroken if a child was lost or stolen while wandering the halls (we have had a couple lost kids already this year) Absolutely no children are allowed on the stage during exercise class. Help your children remember to keep toys in the overflow area.

We are so lucky to have a Stake that allows us to have an exercise class. We need your help to keep it going! You guys rock my world!

Erica Miller

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