Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gatorade Zero From Scratch

Ok.  I'm ready to admit another of my "issues."  I love exercising.  I watch exercise videos and take the hardest parts to incorporate into my workouts.  Last week we had a push-up workout I lovingly called "Push-ups on Meth" in honor of the insanity of the 6+ different types of pushups we were going to do. (One legged push-ups into side planks, frog push-ups, inch worm with push-ups, plank-ups, superman push-ups, push-ups into delt rows, push-ups with feet on a ball... SUCH FUN!!!!)

As a result of these insane workouts, I sweat like a horse.  I can literally wring sweat out of my hair or wipe my face to salt my eggs.  So Nasty.  To replenish my electrolytes--all the salt, potassium and minerals, leached in sweat-- I have turned to ample use of "Gatorade" like products.  But these products have more sugar in them than I like, and frankly flavors that aren't my favorite.  Ready for my solution?!?

Erica's Electrolyte Mix
1 pouch Crystal Light Singles (on the go packets)
1/8 tsp salt
20 oz water
Mix together and enjoy.  I love how this mix quenches my thirst, and I love the variaty of flavors available.

Here's to hydration!

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